Nov 08, 2016 12 00 PM EST
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Million MC March (MMCM)

Million MC March (MMCM)


The Million MC March’s purpose is to create a means and platform for the M.C.’s of the Hip Hop music genre to speak directly to the community.   Peace and Equality is the subject matter and the focus is Economics and Education through Entertainment.  The generation raised on Hip Hop both young and old are looking for solutions many of which are not readily available in the traditional religious and electoral platforms.    

The Million MC March sets the platform for fresh ideas from our youth and highest most influencers to give the new generations an opportunity to speak directly to the people with out commercial interruption.  Though music is a means to communicate messages, when it is a sole means of income for an artist the music can be skewed more towards commercial benefit then towards social change and or injustice especially being Music is a business, and many of our astounding artists feed their families, loved ones, and communities from their profits. November 8th presents the opportunity for writers, poets, and speakers to be able to focus their thoughts, their message, and their influence on effective solutions rooted in peace and equality.
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